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What Is Golden Teacher Mushrooms

The Golden Teacher magic mushroom is one of the most well-known and cherished types of psilocybin mushrooms. This well-known psilocybe cubensis strain, also referred to as Golden Teachers or Golden Caps, is well-known for its golden-brown caps and ability to induce very reflective trips.

People frequently utilize to enlarge their thoughts and alter their perspective on life. These shamanic or spiritual influences are referred to as “Golden Teachers”. Since they have strong teaching abilities but just moderate amounts of psilocybin, Golden Teachers are fantastic for both inexperienced and seasoned psychonauts.

The location of the discovery of the Golden Teacher mushrooms is unknown, however it is believed that they were discovered growing in a pile of manure and hay on a horse ranch in Georgia. The name of the profession is derived from the brilliant golden color of the caps and alleged teaching abilities. Because they generate an enthusiastic, enjoyable experience, beginners should utilize it.

Golden Teacher Effects

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms aren’t quite as potent as cultivars like Penis Envy or Blue Meanie Cubensis mushrooms. Because they contain moderate amounts of psilocybin and psilocin, they typically come highly recommended for new users searching for a psilocybe cubensis strain that isn’t too overpowering.

Despite this, Golden Teacher mushrooms can still produce an exhilarating experience. euphoric, mind-expanding effects are typically present, according to many users. They may extend your perspective and encourage more innovative ideas. Additionally, they’ll make you feel more attuned to your surrounds and the environment.

Lower doses of Golden Teacher mushrooms can enhance your mood, perception, and creativity. At moderate to high doses, it is possible to have intriguing hallucinations and life-altering experiences.


As with any other strain, it’s critical to carefully monitor your dosage when utilizing Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. Even though they aren’t particularly potent, taking too much can still result in an unpleasant trip.

For new users, start with a low dose of between 0.5g and 1.5g. Your mood and senses will noticeably improve at this level. Along with feeling better, you’ll notice that everything seems, feels, and sounds more vibrant. Additionally, you’ll get more creative. Some people might even want to take a microdose of 0.25–0.5g for less dramatic results.

At doses of 1 to 2 grams, the potential of Golden Teachers can be fully unlocked. You’ll experience surges of happiness, deeper thought, and slight hallucinations. Up to 3.5g can induce a powerful psychedelic trip. Many people assert that they feel enlightened and spiritual after taking a Golden Teacher journey.

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