Penis Envy Mushrooms


The different sizes of Penis Envy magic mushrooms range from 1 gram to 28 grams. You may order securely whether you want to try a little dose or get a bigger quantity of these uncommon magic mushrooms for long-term use. Purchasing in bulk will result in higher discounts and

  • Albino penis envy: a slightly smaller mushroom with a deep blue–tinged cap
  • Penis envy uncut: an albino cross with caps that adhere to the stem
  • Penis envy number 6: a hybrid that produces more spores
  • Trans penis envy: a hybrid with finer stems and a milder effect than other varieties
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What are penis envy mushrooms?

Penis Envy is one of the most well-known strains of magic mushrooms. This unusual magic mushroom variety gets its name from the large, bulbous caps and thick stems that frequently remind people of phalluses. But due of its effects, it’s also one of the strains that psychonauts enjoy the best.

One of the strongest magic mushroom strains,  is best suited for seasoned users but should be avoided by novices. Users of this incredibly psychedelic strain of psilocybin mushroom, one of the most popular ones, commonly describe mystical and life-changing encounters.

Penis Envy Effects


The ability to connect with other things and people is something that many users also discover after using magic mushrooms. Also, you’ll find it simpler to appreciate the arts and music because you’ll feel more like a part of nature.

Penis Envy is thought to be one of the more strong magic mushroom varieties. It’s also unquestionably one of the forms of magic mushrooms that encourage spiritual encounters. Users of Penis Envy regularly claim having profoundly mystical, spiritual, and personal experiences as a result of the mushroom. They also assert that they have the power to alter your behavior and view on life.

The strength of the effects will depend on your dosage, but Penis Envy mushrooms can have potent effects at even lesser doses. The mental effects, which are especially obvious, are said to cause users to feel significantly more joyful and upbeat. Additionally, you’ll see moderate pictures that, at higher doses, could develop into powerful hallucinations.


You may hope for a remarkable experience when you consume Penis Envy magic mushrooms. They sometimes contain up to 2 or 3 times as much psilocybin when compared to other psilocybe cubensis strains, making even little doses capable of eliciting strong effects. Therefore, it’s imperative that you strictly regulate your dosage.

Even a microdose of 0.25g to 0.5g will result in a noticeable improvement in your attitude, creativity, and senses. A few light views are moreover feasible. With doses of around 0.5g to 1.5g, you can feel ecstatic and enthusiastic. You’ll frequently become lost in deep, contemplative thoughts and feel connected to everything around you.

As part of a typical psychedelic trip, up to 3.5g of mushrooms can maximize results. Many mushroom users report having profoundly life-altering and spiritually enlightening experiences after ingesting a considerable dose of the drug.

There are many sizes of Penis Envy magic mushrooms available, ranging from 1 gram to 28 grams. Y Purchasing in bulk will result in higher discounts and


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